Hyalogy Emollient Cream Pack


A high-technology cream mask that helps fight ageing and lowers hypersensitivity.

The cream contains a complex of honey, wax and triglycerides of capric and caprylic acids, which optimise sebum composition. A vegetable complex rich in vitamin K, consisting of Canina Fruit oil extract, avocado oil and corn oil has a pronounced anti-cuperosis (redness due to dilated capillaries) effect. Wild yam extract optimizes the skin's estrogen levels so skin ageing is delayed and atherosclerosis (arterial inflammation) is reduced. The mask also contains the patented complex “concept to five” and oligopeptides-1 which target fibroblasts with rejuvenating results.

When the face pack is applied regularly, the surface of the skin is conditioned which helps reduce flaky, dry patches and the discomfort of skin tightening. Regenerative processes are stimulated in the skin, the intracellular metabolism is normalized and the skin becomes smooth and fresh looking as a result.

Suitable for all skin types. Recommended for both home and professional use. It may be used at home as a nourishing cream or as a mask to soothe irritation. Not recommended for anyone under 40 with active sebaceous glands.

Active ingredients:
Complex 'concept to five', honey, wax, triglycerides of capric and caprylic acids, glycyrrhizic acid, soy glycine, vitamin antioxidant complex, vegetable complex with vitamin K, oligopeptides-1, diosgenin, soy oil.

Professional volume - 150ml.