Hyalogy β


A powerful anti-wrinkle serum based on nano-technologies with similar results to botox but without the need for injection.

Acetylhexapeptide-8 (argirelin) is the key active ingredient. It helps make the skin many times more permeable due to the low-molecular hyaluronic acid. Greater permeability means the serum can penetrate deeper and be far more effective. As a result, the skin's ability to synthesize collagen fibres is increased and the structure of the dermal matrix is improved. When Hyalogy β is applied fibroblasts are stimulated with clear rejuvenating effects.

Suitable for all skin types and for any age. Ideal in cases where it is not possible to perform injections and highly recommended for older age groups less responsive to treatment by injection. The serum may help prolong the effect of injection treatments and excellent results are achieved in combination with ionophoresis.

Active ingredients:
Squalane, coenzyme Q10, low-molecular hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed egg-shell membrane, hydrolyzed pearl protein (conchiolin), acetylhexapeptide-8, palmitylpentapeptid-4.

Professional volume - 30ml.