Hyalogy Facial Royal Pack


A super-rejuvenating low-molecular mask with lifting and stimulating results ideal for dry, normal and combined skin. Hyalogy Facial Royal Pack is based on the patented high-technology complex known as “сoncept to five” that provides intensive skin recovery at a cellular level.

A unique formulation of clays and minerals saturates the skin with essential micro-elements. Ghassoul is a clay produced from Moroccan lava. It helps firm and give greater definition. Bentonite absorbs excessive sebum (grease). Phonolite, a product of ancient volcanic eruptions dating back 16 million years, stimulates cellular activity, saturates the skin with minerals and gives renewed energy and brightness to dull, 'tired' skin.

Kyounin yu improves micro-circulation and prevents blockages, helping even out skin colour and improving skin elasticity. Wild yam and soy oil make up for any deficiency of estrogens in the skin in order to slow down natural ageing. A complex of sphigo- and phospholipids restores the skin's barrier functions and increases its ability to retain moisture. Vitamins E and C offer antioxidant protection, boost the production of new collagen, increase skin elasticity and prevent the formation of adverse pigmentation. Rosa Canina Fruit oil extract and avocado oil help boost the rapid recovery of the skin at the surface, improve elasticity, regulate intracellular processes, combat flakiness and inflammation and improve overall skin colour.

When applied regularly, the mask helps define the facial oval and promotes a radiant rejuvenated complexion, smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines and delaying the ageing process.

Professional volume - 200ml.