Half-And-Halfer or How To Deal With Combination Skin

Half-And-Halfer or How To Deal With Combination Skin
Skin is of basically five types:

1. Oily skin.
2. Dry skin.
3. Combination skin
4. Sensitive skin and sunburn skin.

The first three types of skin are mostly common. The type of skin is mostly determined by the genetics and to some extent by our ethnicity.

Caring for combination skin can sometimes seem a fickle matter. Too much moisturizing and the oily spots get worse. Too much cleansing and the dry spots get worse. It takes balanced skin care to deal with both issues at once. Being the tricky and complicated skin type, it needs your extra effort to look after it. Individuals with the combination skin type always encounter two conflicts at one time. First to reduce oil from the oily areas while the other to replace moisture and kill the dryness. In short it requires a skin care for two absolutely different skins.

The biggest secret to dealing with combination skin is to deal with each area separately. Though you can find products that do both, this is usually the easy way out. The easy way out rarely results in impressive and healthy skin.

Combination skin is made up of two types. The 'T' area, which includes forehead, nose, partly cheeks closer to the nose and chin are oily areas whereas other are either dry or normal. The very first step should be deciding that what actually causes more skin problems to you, oil or dryness. If the skin is shining in the T-zone but looks tight and scaly around your eyes and cheeks, it means that you have to tackle dryness problem. On the other hand, if your cheek and eye areas feel slightly tight but your T-zone is covered with oil and blemishes your combination situation is oily.

Here are some tips for persons with combination skin type:

• Always use a mild cleanser to remove dirt and oil from combination skin. When cleansing the face its necessary to cleanse the T-zone twice a day and cheeks once a day. Treat both areas differently as one is more oily than the other. Alcohol-free toners and astringents are very useful for helping maintain balance in the skin.

• Don’t scrub oily areas—this irritates the skin and increases oil production.

• After washing the face at night be sure to remove dead skin cells (exfoliate) with the gentle scrub at least twice a week: use products containing alpha hydroxy acids that normalize the skin.

• Moisturize your skin at night.

• Aid the skin in balancing from the inside out. The best way to do this is to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Healthy, hydrated skin has an easier time balancing and repairing.
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