BioPure EL 100 Essence
Luxurious and nutritious serum that boosts the production of collagen and elastin while restoring vital keratin links between molecules. When used regularly it helps prevent wrinkles and restore skin elasticity, saturating your skin cells with life-giving oxygen.

The key ingredients are two proteins – keratin and elastin. After years of research Forlle'd scientists have found a way to produce water-soluble keratin (keratin hydrolysate) and elastin (elastin hydrolysate). Keratin is the strong, fibrous protein that makes up the skin's corneous layer while elastin, which makes up the connective tissue, is essential for maintaining firm, youthful skin.

Amino acids of elastin in the serum directly engage in protein biosynthesis since they are identical to amino acids in human skin. The soluble elastin we have developed is biologically active without any irritating or allergy-inducing properties. Rich in glycine and proline, it is easily absorbed and has excellent water-retaining properties so is highly effective in restoring the elasticity of skin tissue and combating wrinkles.

The serum can be used alone or in an integrated care treatment. It's effective in treating striae as well as age-related deterioration of skin on the hands. There is no need to use hardware cosmetic treatments, because the product easily permeates deep down.