BioPure KE 100 Essence
Invaluable source of keratin, the protein essential for maintaining smooth skin with that tell-tale youthful 'bounce'. The result of years of research, this serum is ideal for anyone wanting to lessen the visible effects of ageing skin such as wrinkles. Regular use will help keep skin smooth and firm.

The key component, keratin, is an incredibly strong and elastic non-water-soluble protein found in the corneous layer of skin and gives it durability. The elasticity of the epidermis is related to the amount of keratin in skin cells. Years of research conducted by Forlle’d scientists has resulted in the creation of a water-soluble low-molecular keratin formula consisting of keratin hydrolysate and a mixture of amino acids, some of them containing sulphur and silicic acid. Low-molecular keratin hydrolysate penetrates skin easier and provides a more prolonged action. Apart from elasticity, keratin also ensures smoothness of the skin: when the amount of moisture in the epidermis increases, the keratin matrix expands, filling up the micro-wrinkles and making the skin smoother.

Keratin is also crucial for protecting the skin, sheltering underlying tissue from chemical agents, external aggressors such as pollution and mechanical wear and tear. An imbalance of keratin results in various skin diseases referred to as keratosis.

Regular application of the serum not only increases the strength and elasticity of the epidermis, it smoothes the skin surface and boosts its ability to protect itself.

Indications for use:
 Reduced protective function of the epidermis. Skin dryness, reduced moisture-retaining functions of the skin. Reduced elasticity of epidermis. Numerous wrinkles.

We recommend introducing this serum into all anti-age programs, using it after chemical peelings and dermabrasive procedures, as well as for treating excessive porousness of epidermis and skin dryness.

Usage: in-salon procedures only.