Men’s facial programmes 

Basic skin care treatment for men
This treatment is especially designed to meet the basic needs of men’s skin. It hydrates and improves the metabolism of skin cells, has deep cleansing and antibacterial properties, but also restores the epidermal structure and hydrolipidic film damaged when shaving.

Moisturising treatment for men with combination skin
This treatment combats overdryness of men’s oily and combination skin, intensively hydrates it, restores its turgor and elasticity and has biostimulating properties. It increases skin’s stress resistance, reduces irritation and hypersensitivity, restores skin barrier function. Ideal as pre-sun and sunburn treatment.

Anti-ageing treatment for men
This treatment prevents age-related changes typical of men’s skin, restores skin's structure and regeneration functions, boosts microcirculation and smoothes out wrinkles, has pronounced detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties. A complete course normalizes the production and composition of sebum, prevents rosacea, intensively hydrates and tightens the skin.