Sensitive skin programmes

Anti-ageing treatment for redness-prone dry and sensitive skin
This treatment prevents age-related changes and eliminates hypersensitivity of mature redness-prone skin. It reduces skin irritation, reactivity, and redness, stimulates the processes of regeneration and collagen production while ensuring a long-lasting lifting effect and a pronounced rejuvenating effect.

Emergency aid for hypersensitive and irritated skin
This treatment instantly eliminates excessive skin sensitivity, irritation and dryness, heals damaged skin, restores skin’s integrity and structure, and prevents redness. A complete course has a pronounced rejuvenating effect. Irreplaceable as pre-surgery treatment and rehabilitation therapy after esthetic surgery and chemical peels.

Soothing treatment for hypersensitive skin
This treatment for sensitive skin of any ages soothes, eliminates reactivity and dryness, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and normalizes microcirculation and metabolism. A complete course ensures long-lasting moisturizing, soothing and lifting action. Ideal after mechanical cleansing of problem skin, after chemical peels and as recovery from rejuvenation laser treatments.