Forlle’d scientists developed ionized low molecular Platinum that resists all forms of active oxygen and controls photo-ageing process by improving skin’s antioxidative ability, thus reduce troubles resulted by the accumulation of free radicals and decline in cellular activity.

There are two main reasons for ageing; the first is physiological related to the accumulation of active oxygen generated inside the body, which causes deterioration in the cell membrane, DNA, cellular activity etc and the other is photo-ageing due to the buildup of oxidants stimulated by ultraviolet radiation.

In both cases oxidation reaction release free radicals, which are important for human skin in moderate quantity, for example they eliminate bacterial infections. On the other hand the accumulation of these substances causes rusts and rots as it happens in nature. Human body undergoes such reactions as well due to the fact that it gets oxidized from 2 % of oxygen inhaled, stress or additives taken. Some metals like platinum or gold has the ability to prevent rusting which also works for skin, by changing oxygen to something harmless such as water for example.

Beside numerous quantity of discovered anti oxidants such as Coenzyme Q10, polyphenol, vitamin C or lipoic acid, platinum and gold have proven to be the most active anti oxidants, since they work against wide range of oxidants and act as catalyst which means it doesn’t lose its activity once they react with oxidants and remains active as long as it stays in the skin.

Scientists at Forlle'd using high-tech ionization methods managed to reduce the size of the platinum particles. The tiny size allows platinum particles to interact properly with water molecules in order to form an aqueous solution instead of colloidal substance. This solution allows water molecules to carry the charge of the metal particles thus enhancing penetration and antioxidant activity.

Ionized platinum stimulates resonant oscillations of fibroblasts, so platinum-based preparations have a pronounced detoxifying effect and they are excellent in fighting hyperpigmentation of various origins and stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and dermis matrix components, thereby fighting skin atony.

Forlle’d latest discoveries in reducing the size of Platinum and avoiding the formation of colloidal substance in an aqueous solution, have made it possible to develop biologically compatible and highly efficient products with outstanding antioxidant properties. Ionized platinum is the core ingredient of the entire platinum series, can resist all forms of active oxygen, and therefore prevent photo-ageing and postpone chronological skin ageing.

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