Forlle’d latest discoveries in reducing the size of Platinum and avoiding the formation of colloidal film layer, have made it possible to develop biologically compatible and highly efficient products with outstanding antioxidant properties. Ionized platinum is the core ingredient of the entire platinum series resists all forms of active oxygen, and therefore prevent photo-ageing and postpone chronological skin ageing.

The method of ionized platinum production is the now-how of Forlle'd laboratory. According to this technology, platinum sheets are shredded to the size of 15 - 50 microns within 2 - 3 days. Then, in presence of carbohydrates, water, and active forms of Aspergillus fungi, powdered platinum is fermented at the temperature of 40-43°C under conventional ultrasound treatment. Laser defractometry analysis (Shimadzu Corporation, Japan) stated that average size of platinum particles by Forlle’d is 26 micrometers. As a result after 2-3 months an organic Platinum compound with a high degree of ionization is created. Platinum organic compound is more biologically compatible to the skin in comparison to non-organic platinum.

Platinum products by Forlle’d are developed to control the mechanisms of physical and photo-aging processes by regulating the main biochemical reactions that are involved in the pathogenesis of skin aging.

What we gain by developing ionized Platinum:
  • The effect of ionized platinum is stronger than the effect of other, conventional antioxidants. It has a more lasting action. Common antioxidants (coenzyme Q-10, α-lipoic acid) can deactivate only certain types of active oxygen of the 11 types existing. As for the ionized platinum, it neutralizes all forms of active oxygen. Platinum defends the skin against the assault of free radicals and performs antioxidant properties as long as it stays in the skin.
  • Ionized platinum has a long lasting effect. While conventional antioxidants, such as Coenzyme Q10 or alpha lipoic acid, lose their activity after neutralizing ROS, platinum remains active for the whole time it is in the skin, and act as a catalyst for the transformation of active oxygen into water.
  • Ionized platinum is highly active. Ionized platinum’s powerful antioxidant effect defends the skin against the assault of free radicals on healthy cells and prevents premature ageing. Ionized platinum’s antioxidant effect works great against blemishes, wrinkles, flabby skins, or dark circles.
  • Ionized platinum stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and dermis matrix components, thereby fighting skin atony, work successfully against photo damage, pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity.
  • Ionized platinum is safe to humans. Due to low molecular weight of platinum and its interaction with amino acids, fatty acids, protein and other substances in the epidermis, ionized platinum is removed together with keratinocytes exfoliated during epidermal renewal process. Moreover, platinum is approved as a food additive by Japanese Ministry of Health.

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