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While most skincare products work only on surface of the skin, cosmeceuticals - the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products – are able to act at deeper skin layers to provide more efficiency and benefits. Professional cosmeceuticals Forlle’d - the leading products in anti-ageing and skin restructuring. The brand is a pioneer in developing and producing low molecular substances which are able to regenerate skin from within. All our products are based on patented low molecular Hyaluronic Acid, which size is so small that it is able to penetrate deep into dermal level of the skin. Low-weight molecules of Hyaluronic acid stabilize the extracellular environment by preventing dehydration, stimulation the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reducing external pressure and introducing anti oxidant activity. Ionized low molecular Platinum resists all forms of active oxygen, has a pronounced detoxifying effect and is excellent in fighting hyperpigmentation of various origins. Low molecular ceramides restore natural lipid barrier and skin protection. The combination of low molecular ingredients in Forlle’d products is able to prevent photo-ageing and postpone chronological skin ageing.

The personal skin condition is largely affected by its original quality, life style, sun exposure, environment pollution, accumulation of free radicals, etc. The combination of low molecular ingredients in Forlle’d products is able to prevent photo-ageing and postpone chronological skin ageing. Forlle’d active compounds restore skin structure and boost cells regeneration, increase hydration and detoxifying ability, enhance skin immunity and protect against irritants and allergens, normalize mineral balance within skin. First signs of both chronological and photo ageing can be revealed even in young age, for example skin atony, dryness, fine lines, pigmentation. Thus Forlle’d usage doesn’t depend on age, but on individual skin condition. Thereby products carefully selected and correctly recommended by Forlle’d professional medical advisor can improve skin structure and appearance regardless age, skin type or sex.

The efficiency examination of Forlle'd products was carried out by independent dermatological research organization in Germany, March 2012. The investigation was carried out to test the anti-wrinkle efficiency of the products. Just after 2 months of Forlle’d daily use, the investigation showed following results:

  • level of skin moisture increased up to 96%
  • depth of wrinkles was reduced up to 40%
  • level of skin elasticity enhanced up to 55%
  • level of erythema decreased up to 35%
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Professional cosmeceuticals Forlle'd are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology at pharmaceutical factory in Japan, that guarantees product safety and the highest quality control as for any pharmaceutical product. Scientific laboratory, manufacturing facilities and main warehouse of Forlle’d are based in Osaka (Japan).

Forlle’d skincare products are intended only for professional use and are only available in leading beauty salons, SPA’s and clinics. All Forlle’d home use products are prescribed by professional medical advisors, that were trained and certified to provide professional anti-ageing treatments with Forlle’d cosmeceuticals. Only professional and individual approach, provided by Forlle’d certified medical advisor, ensures the efficiency and health safety of your skin.

We do not sell Forlle’d online. Please be aware any online purchases of Forlle’d should be avoided as in this case we do not guarantee product authenticity and safety for your health and beauty.

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