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Hyalogy β

Anti-wrinkle serum with powerful peptide complex reduces tension of mimic muscles and strengthens collagen fibres; thereby, reducing the number and depth of wrinkles. This serum promotes cell stimulation and regeneration and can help prolong the effects of botox injections. It is effective against mimic wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines.

What does it do?

  • reduces crow’s feet and mimic wrinkles
  • provides lifting and anti-ageing effects
  • promotes cell stimulation and regeneration
  • prolongs the effects of Botulinum toxin injections

How to use

A course of treatments is recommended. Minimum course duration is 2 months. Use daily in the morning and/or the evening after Forlle’d lotion. Squeeze the required amount of prod- uct (about 0,1-0.2 ml) in your hand. Apply to areas with mimic wrinkles. Finish with Forlle’d essence and cream.

Science behind the product

This low-molecular weight formula improves the penetration of active ingredients into deep skin layers that makes the rejuvenating and lifting effects more visible and long lasting. This product is ideal for cases when injections can’t be applied and is highly recommended for individuals from older age groups that are less responsive to injections.