Hyalogy essence powder 1.5gx10

The unique dry formulation of this professional serum contains a high concentration of stable vitamin C and can be mixed with any Forlle’d product to increase its anti-ageing effect. This serum stimulates collagen synthesis, corrects pigmentation of various origins, brightens the skin and improves regenerative capabilities.

What does it do?

  • provides whitening and depigmentation effect
  • provides powerful antioxidant protection
  • boosts skin cells’ regeneration
  • has anti-inflammatory effect
  • promotes immunomodulation and detoxifying

Science behind the product

Due to its unique formula this powder is efficient in depigmentation therapy and anti-inflammatory treatments, particularly during rehabilitation after aesthetic surgery and invasive procedures, after cleansings and in the treatment of inflamed areas. This is possible because the serum optimizes the pH of oily and inflamed skin.

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