Forlle’d laboratory introduces high-end technology to keep and restore mineral balance of the skin, delivering essential minerals into its deeper layers without injections. All Forlle’d products contain patented ultra low molecular hyaluronic acid with a unique size of 5 nm, which is not only the great moisturizer, but the unique delivery system of Ionized minerals into deep skin layers.

The lack of minerals in the skin leads to low cellular activity and low metabolism, which can easily be seen as dull and flabby skin, high skin sensitivity, fragile blood vessels and skin redness, dark circles around eyes and inflammatory reaction of the skin. Thus the balance of minerals is essential to normal cellular activity and beautifully looking skin.

In the cosmetic industry it is common to use minerals with one valence such as sodium and potassium that are water soluble, easily absorbed by skin and enhance the solubility of other active ingredients. However in order to maintain mineral balance it is important to introduce other minerals with +2 valence such as calcium and magnesium which are practically insoluble in water.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (5 nm) in Forlle’d products is combined with both monovalent and divalent essential minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Cuprum, Sodium, and Potassium) and deliver them to the deep layers of the skin. The ability of low molecular hyaluronic acid to transport ions with two valence has been demonstrated in different studies.

In order to increase bioavailability of minerals, Forlle'd scientists introduce minerals as part of organic compounds such as, calcium acetate, calcium malate, calcium gluconate, etc. by applying fermentation process using different types of yeast, enzymes, lactic acid bacteria etc.

Forlle’d products contain minerals that are essential for skin such as Calcium which is necessary to stabilize the suprabasal cells of epidermis with basal membrane, besides its vital role in transportation of active substances across cell membrane, in addition Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc create mineral balance and activate mineral dependant enzymes which control and accelerate the healing processes. Ionized minerals work as a total salt in the form of ion to promote bonding, so that it would soften and smooth out the skin.