Hyalogy P-effect clearance cleansing 200g

The first stage cleanser designed particularly for the skin exposed to stress and pollutants of contemporary city life. It is highly effective in dissolving oily surface impurities such as those found in makeup and produced by the skin itself. Used only in combination with the second stage cleanser.

What does it do?

  • effectively dissolves oily impurities
  • deeply cleanses pores preventing comedones
  • repairs and restores hydrolipid mantle
  • softly exfoliates dead cells
  • successfully removes heavy make-up

Science behind the product

The squalane in this formula penetrates deep into the skin pores, cleansing them from within; thus, preventing comedones from reappearing. The formula also repairs and restores the hydrolipid mantle of the skin, which is crucial for preventing bacterial infection.

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