Hyalogy P-effect refining lotion 250ml

This deep moisturizing lotion is a wonderful source of hydration even for the driest skin. Regular use of this lotion reduces inflammation, enhances the immune system of the skin and skin’s ability to resist infection. This lotion works at all the skin layers, induces immediate deep hydration and significantly increases the skin permeability.

What does it do?

  • intensively hydrates the skin
  • provides daily anti-ageing care
  • softly lifts and firms the skin
  • intensifies the effect of Forlle’d serums
  • provides antioxidant protection

Science behind the product

The unique complex of active molecular ingredients in the Hyalogy P-effect Refining lotion provides a long-lasting hydration of deep skin layers. Its active formula stimulates cell regeneration and metabolism that significantly increases the skin permeability.

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