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April 2015 «Japanese scientists have used nanotechnology to make hyaluronic acid molecules so small that they can penetrateall the way to the superficial dermis, where they expand, reducing the appearance of fine lines. «This is the best plumping result you can get without a needle», says Alster. In tests of a nano-hyaluronic acid , 96 percent of users had a significant increase in skin hydrationand over half had improved elasticity and firmness. Find it in Hyalogy Daily and Nightly Cream for Eyes». Allure, April 2015
November 2013 "Potent in nanomolecular level, it took just one wide-eyed look at the Hyalogy Platinum Lotion - to know that Forlle'd will be a skincare line to watch. The US launch is rolling out now. Remember, we told you first." Hudson MOD, November 2013
Forlle’d was features in Face of the Future article in Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Magazine, Malaysia. Melinda Eardson tests Forlle’d deep penetrating micro-molecular technology for anti-ageing and post treatment care.
Sherron Holder-Culver talks about “some serious Japanese technology” - Forlle’d in Power Facials section of a little more than well known Tatler magazine.
Forlle’d is a high-technology professional cosmeceuticals brand leading in anti-ageing and skin skin restructuring. The brand is a pioneer in developing and producing low molecular substances which are able to regenerate skin from within. The ability of skin cells to naturally repair themselves...
Imagine a skincare line so high tech and desirable that it has been granted a patent and whose effects on the skin are visible after just one use. Now meet Forlle’d. Forlle’d is a scientifically advanced skincare range from Japan that has beauty experts clamoring for more. The patented formula gives skin visible brightness and radiance and skin will look younger, brighter and more toned. Read more
"If you're looking for a technologically advanced non-invasive facial, head to SP&&Co to experience a bespoke Forlle'd Hyalogy O2 Hydraderm Facial. Incorporating Nobel Prize winning technology, Forlle'd skincare products are created using nano technology and promise to help achieve astonishing anti ageing results without surgery…" Read more
"Nanotechnology is the study of matter at the atomic and molecular level. This tiny particles that are 100,000 smaller than the width of a hair can be added to skin care products to allow the ingrediants to penetrate deep into skin…" Read more